TecSOM custom-colour development

2021, January

Each year, at TecSOM, we used to choose the colour references listed in our catalogue according to the general needs of our customers and the current trend of colours. However, it is quite feasible for us to manufacture a model in additional colour variants. Three questions to know everything about TecSOM custom-colour development.

How to do it?
It’s quite simple, just talk with your sales advisor who will help you define the colour or colours you are considering, using a Pantone or Ral color chart. He then forward your request to our R&D laboratory, which study the project and submit you very quickly one or more samples.

Is there a minimum order?
Two situations arise: if we do not have the corresponding colour reference in our yarns bank, the minimum order is set at 500 m²; if we have the yarns for an order lower than the minimum required, we will examine the feasibility of colour development. Each project is unique, so do not hesitate to ask your sales advisor if you have an idea to develop.

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What does it cost?
We do not apply a price increase on color developments unless you have chosen special yarns. The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest pride and we take a lot of pleasure in helping them to carry out unique and tailor-made interior design and layout projects.

Tecsom 4120 Galerie Chantier Prive coloris special