Office design 2023: a breath of nature


Written by Lou Ancelin
Modern office in 2023 is an interactive, versatile, practical and comfortable place to live and work. Design trend goes towards a setting composed of transparent, bright and fluid airy spaces, in which nature is invited to be part of.

Open-floor design concept
No more separated office rooms! Open-floor interiors is a must in 2023. This kind of design highly optimizes working conditions by promoting air and natural light circulation.
Besides erasing the borders between work areas, such a design project removes the border between employees of different levels in the company hierarchy, which increases collaboration and teamwork.

2023 is also the year of loft offices. Raw brick, untreated concrete and exposed pipes are featured in spaces ideally designed in collaboration with their users.

Inclusiveness and versatility
The modern office in 2023 is a set of functional areas of different types whose spatial coherence runs through a style of design, a particular color or a special touch, as a common thread between open and private spaces, brainstorming areas and socialization and relaxation ones.

Every worker can choose the workspace that best suits the requirements of his activity or comfort zone.

With the widespread use of hybrid work, modern offices remain connected, with conference rooms enabling video meetings, and areas for individual isolation, such as acoustic booths, to interact with colleagues working remotely.


The use of healthy and sustainable elements is an ongoing trend that people are proud to integrate and share.
Recycled materials and products that have a positive impact on the environment and on the company’s image, wil be favoured, as well as energy-efficient lighting.

By the way, eco-friendly designed areas ends up looking much more like a workspace than any other standard design technique.

Biophilic design
In 2023, we let nature mingle with workspaces without giving up comfort.The trend is to natural materials like wood, and warm textiles like carpeting or carpets. The design is modern, sober and classic.
We invite natural light to take over the space, we surround ourselves with living plants and natural colors to create a fresh and inspiring work environment.

Furniture: comfort and flexibility

The trend is for ergonomic desks and chairs that improve comfort and efficiency at work, and modular furniture with movable desks, chairs and even walls, so that the workspace can be set in any way that suits the workers’ needs.

Regarding colors, neutral tones remain up-to-date, but also frank colors, in a Color Block style, to energize the spaces with islands of bright tones, like lemon yellow, intense red or Viva Magenta, the color Pantone of the year 2023.

viva magenta
2023: the year of natural colors
If ecru and pastel colour-schemes run out of steam, the natural colors, simple and comforting, have the wind in their sails.
  • Beige and its variant, the sand color, are real basics for 2023.  Slightly darker than ecru, the sand shades are ideal for designing warm and soothing interiors, with a mineral atmosphere.
    On the floor or on the walls, the sand shades are discreet and versatile; they highlight furniture and accessories and they combine virtually with many other colors.
  • The neutral tone most in sight in 2023 will be the color taupe. Modern, sober, authentic and elegant, this shade is perfectly suited to the industrial style of atypical large spaces and lofts, and blends easily with many other colors.
  • Like last year, the green shades stay on stage. A friend of all colors that, like him, evoke nature, such as brown, ochre, beige or mole, green is a refreshing and invigorating organic color.   To be combined with white or pink for contrasts, with grey for an industrial style, with black for elegance.
  • A nod to the seventies, all the tones of brown come back to warm up the spaces. Comforting and maternal color of the earth, brown is one of the few shades with which we never get tired. To be used by small strokes, punctuated with white, beige, terracotta, green or orange, or in total look worked in camaïeu.
  • Also very trendy, but to use sparingly, all shades of orange, the color of good mood, to vivify and vitalize interiors.


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