New range Fusion, the magic of linear shading

2022, March
A technical feat of our R&D laboratory, FUSION multi-loop pile collection offers the perfect basic equipment to design stylish spaces and create original decorative atmospheres.  

Melted colour and material
The new FUSION range features an elegant linear shading off effect which extends over 4 tiles. Each reference plays with pairs of mineral hues, skillfully fused, and chosen from shades of grey, beige and black. A deep visual aspect, vibrant and dynamic, enhanced by the light captured into the relief structure of the textile.

FUSION collection includes 9 references which allow to imagine very diverse, but always unique, personalized environments.


Achieving shading off effect
Each tile has a runway number (P) and an arrow, written on the backing. To perform shading installation, nothing more simple, just apply the following shéma:

Fusion shéma pose dégradé

An eclectic pattern

The magic of  FUSION collection lies in the fact that the tiles can be installed in all possible ways and, each time, get an interesting visual effect: monolithic, checkerboard, multidirectional, brickwork laying. You can also combine different types of installation or even several references between them.

fusion pose multidirectionnelle
Technical and environmental performance
With a 725 g/m² pile weight, FUSION range ranks in luxury structured textiles, perfectly suited to high-traffic areas (commercial use 33), and offers a 22 dB sound insulation. 

The collection has been validated LEED, BREEAM, HQE, M1 and A+.

Tiles are equipped with BS backing, made of recycled vinyl. They are also available, on order only, with a TEX backing or an acoustic underlay, made from recycled fibres.

FUSION dégradé inversé