Intelligent stock planning: relevant estimated production

2021, September
At TecSOM, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns. We aim to remain competitive, responsive and flexible, guaranteeing short manufacturing and delivery times as well as high quality products, and this drives us to constantly improve our industrial production and storage planning.


Relevant stock planning
At TecSOM, we used to carefully analyze sales from previous years to establish our inventory planning. Collections, colors, textures, types of backing, specific treatments, everything goes.

The best sellers are obviously part of new production planning, but not only. It's important to be able to read between the lines, and we also take trends into account, in order to anticipate the needs of our customers, for each of the countries in which we operate.


Stock adjusted in real time
Over the course of a year, design trends fluctuate, the needs of users change, and also, sometimes, the requirements of the tertiary buildings certifications.

At TecSOM, we take these parameters into account, analizing the sales every three months to adapt our production planning to market reality. This rational estimated production approach allows us to offer our customers a flexible, fast and efficient service, with very short delivery times.