Health and Safety at TecSOM

2020, December

Written by Lou Ancelin
Supervise healthcare and safety of workers at an industrial production site such as TecSOM is a serious matter. Dominique Noel, Head of QSE*, has been entrusted with this important and complex task. With a 35-year experience, he knows very well how the fabric works. His mission is based on four key words: analyze, prevent, inform and train.
Hazards, risks and action plans
Before organizing or restructuring the various occupational risk prevention plans, it is first necesary to assess the inherent hazard potential of each workstation. Also, past accidents and incidents must be analized in order to find the causes and initiate corrective actions. This analysis is recorded in a document which is regularly updated and communicated to the heads of the relevant sectors. Good management of safety-related communication is fundamental. Information must flow smoothly between the various intra muros departments, but also with the workers of external enterprises employed on the site. as well as with government agencies such as CRAM (French Social Security Fund) or the labour inspectorate, for example. The QSE Manager is also responsible for enforcing occupational safety regulations.

Below is a non-exhaustive table of security plans in effect at TecSOM production site:

tableau securite EN

Communication and job training
These measures are put in place for the benefit of employees as soon as they are hired, even for a temporary work mission, and on the occasion of a change of workstation, whether motivated by occupational medicine or not.

Personal protection equipment (PPE)
At TecSOM production plant, PPE differs slightly from one station to another:

  • Gloves: production, maintenance, logistics.
  • Protective glasses: production, maintenance, logistics.
  • Harness, helmet: maintenance.
  • Hearing protection: station where the noise is greater than 85 dB.
  • Workwear adapted to the task (e.g.: maintenance, chemical).
  • Secure tools (ex: retractable blade cutter): production, maintenance.
  • Safety shoes: all workstations.
  • Surgical masks: all workstations.

Machine safety equipment

In order to avoid serious accidents, some machines or production lines are equipped with safety guard or safety light curtain. These are automatic disconnection devices for operating machines. The safety guard is a mechanical device connected to a protective element, such as a gate or a door, that stops the machine as soon as it is touched. The light curtain is an optoelectronic device that triggers the shutdown procedure and automatically disconnects all potentially dangerous machines as soon as a movement is detected in the safety zone.

*QSE = Quality - Security - Environment


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