Choosing TecSOM helps you validate tertiary environmental building prerequisites

2021, February

Written by Lou Ancelin
The choice of materials for a construction design is a crucial step that determines the building environmental quality and sustainability. Selecting products complying with the standards very much helps to obtaining certifications or labels, which are often part of tenders prerequisites, particularly for professional buildings.
Over the years, the criteria have been strengthened and the emphasis is now clearly placed on building Life Cycle, comfort and workers quality of life.

All TecSOM collections offer technical characteristics that are validated and valuable assets in achieving the targets defined by the main European, French, German and American certification bodies.

TecSOM provides Life Cycle Analisis (LCA) for each product launched regarding energy consumption and emissions for construction, maintenance and dismantling stages. An assessment of the various environmental impacts is conducted for each product.
FDES conforming to the standards NF EN 15 804+A and NF EN 15 804CN are published for each range.

Our products meet the targets of sustainability and adaptability, limitation of environmental and health impacts (GUT and BREEAM).

At worksite level, TecSOM products enable the optimization of waste management, pollution and resource consumption.
With regard to building operation, our modular textile flooring allows a substantial maintenance and water management optimization.

TecSOM collections fully meet the criteria for acoustic, thermal and visual comfort.

Health and air quality targets are met, TecSOM products display A+ label that indicates a very low level of VOC emissions.


Choosing TecSOM means choosing the exceptional quality of French know-how inherited from a long tradition that meets all the requirements of ttoday’s professional spaces layout, whether in terms of design aesthetics, high level of product technicality or environmental technical performance.

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