Carpeting for hotels

2020, November

Written by Lou Ancelin
The Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva is considered the most expensive room in the world: 60,000 euros per night! It occupies the whole top floor on an area of 1600 m² and enjoys a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. The suite is divided in many luxuriously furnished rooms including 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Apart from those ones which are paved with marble, absolutely all rooms are carpeted.

gvalc penthouse suite 6915 hor clsc

Carpeting means luxury
Even in less prestigious hotels, quality carpet is generally considered a noble material and is associated with luxury in the customer's mind. The same goes for casinos or theatres.
In fact, since the highest antiquity, rugs are synonymous with power and high social rank. They adorn the palaces and welcome the winners. The red carpet that covers the steps of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes during the awards ceremony is a good example. 
Nowadays, rugs are rarely used in hotel rooms; carpeting is much more practical. It gives the interior decorating a sophisticated flair and enhances the brand image of the establishment. Some hotel chains customize the floors with their brand colors, others include printed tiles with their logo or with signage in the flooring.

Chateau Fort de Sedan
Carpeting means comfort
The priority of hotel spaces design remains, above all, comfort. In such buildings that welcomes hundreds of people, every guest should really feel at home, whether in the room or in common areas such as restaurant or lounges. 
TecSOM loose lay carpets are healthy, comfortable floorcoverings with acoustic and thermal performance that leave other materials, such as parquet or vinyl tiles, far behind. It is a good idea to install carpeting in the hallways to avoid annoying noises generated by wheeled cases transit, conversations or cleaning service.

Certified materials designed for intensive use
While the aesthetics of the product is really important, its technical performance is even more relevant. Strength and endurance, ease of maintenance, compatibility with safety standards, as well as production and recycling processes should also be the key selection criteria.
TecSOM carpet collections subscribe to all these conditions, they are resilient, stable, BflS1 and guaranteed for 10 years. They are certified, among other things, by current environmental issues such as LEED and BREEAM and are also labeled A+ and M1 with regard to hazardous volatile emissions.

Quick to install, easy to clean and to replace, TecSOM carpet tiles bring this little touch of luxury that makes such a difference!

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