A new design for Maud Zébert-Landrin's notarial office in Sedan

2020, November
The notarial office of Maître Zébert-Landrin is located in the city center of Sedan, at 8 Place d'Alsace-Lorraine, an historic spot, in an elegant and imposing carved stone building, mixing classical style and Renaissance influences, built in 1881 by the Parisian architect Eugène Lemaire.

Relief and light
Last November, a 250 m² flooring refresh has been decided and TecSOM E'WAY collection, a luxurious multi-loop pile textile which is part of TecSOM Evolution range, has been selected.

Contrary to what might be suggested by the facade of the building, the interior architecture of the notarial office is of contemporary and rather clean style featuring the light with large ceiling windows and crystal partitions.
 The sober walls and minimalist modern furniture, embellished by green plants, leave the main role to the floorcovering. Highlighted by the numerous light sources, the relief motif of E'WAY collection comes to life, gives depth to the space and creates an atmosphere of well-being and vitality.

In short, a very successful flooring renovation project that gives a lot of character to the notarial office of Maud Zébert-Landrin!


Beautiful and comfortable... for ever 
The three collections belonging to TecSOM Evolution line, E'WAY, E'LINE and E'SQUARE, are premium multi-loop pile tuft whose 750 g/m² weight pile guarantees a 24 dB acoustic comfort, which is significant in a notarial office.

These collections are very resilient floorcoverings (Use Class 33), with high durability over time - whether in texture or colour - and which adhere to the environmental standards in force concerning the interior spaces of tertiary sector.

Finally, these products in tiles are very easy to install, which has prevented the activity of the study from paralyzing during the installation.

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