• Our commitment - to a job well done; to a product of quality; to original and meticulous designs.
  • The ethics of our teams - their professionalism, comportment and integrity in business.
  • The aesthetics of our products - inspired by other worlds and creative fields in which we immerse ourselves regularly through patronage            
                      - in art (Phillipe Pasqua exposition and purchasing of art)       
                      - through design (Paris Design Week and Marie Claire Maison)   
                      - through photography (Karine Paoli and Paris Artist)         
                      - through Sport (sponsor of pro cyclist Evens Stievenart)
                      - through fashion (supporter of the Smalto brand)
  • Our involvement – in service of the environment: knowing that we work today for the generations of tomorrow through our methods of production, our research, and our R&D in recycling; and in the promotion of education; knowing the support we can give children from all walks of life can push them to a successful future.