Why choose carpet tiles?

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Whether in an office or a workspace, flooring is important. Its qualities are larges, it allows at the same time  a better acoustic comfort, thermal and the design of your spaces.
A carpet also ensures a long-term use and this, even in case of intensive passage.

Sound insulation and comfort at work 

While noise remains a major problem in offices, carpet can significantly reduce the impact noise (heel sounds, falling objects etc.), as well as airborne noise (conversations, ringing phones). It absorbs 10 times better than another covering.

Thermal insulation and economy energy 

The carpet contributes to the thermal insulation of a room by reducing heat loss. It thus retains 10 to 12% more heat compared to hard floor coverings, such as parquet or tiling, thus reducing the heating bill by
4 to 5%.

Resistance and security 

The strength of the carpet will depend on its manufacturing technique (weave, tufted or needled), as well as the type of carpet chosen (loop pile, cute pile, needled or structured). It is also slip-resistant, and limits the risk of falls, unlike tiles for example. 

To be sure to choose the right carpet for the room where it will be placed, refer to the UPEC classification standards which indicate the level of performance of the carpet against :
  • Wear
  • punching
  • Water
  • Chemistry
Most carpets are rated U3P3 (high traffic resistance) or U3sP3 (very high traffic resistance).

Depending on the style of workspace, there is a multitude of colors and pattern for carpets . TecSOM carpet tiles allow also for selective replacement of damaged tiles. No need to change all.

With our carpet tiles, you are guaranteed a unique design, innovation and durability of our products.


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