Why call on an interior designer?

2019, November

Written by Lou Ancelin
Using an interior designer or a decorator is often considered a luxury restricted to a limited clientele. However, it turns out that entrusting your fitting work to a professional, whether on construction or reform projects, can save you time and money.

The different services of an interior designer

The interior designer works on volumetry, rehabilitation, colorimetry, integrated furniture, lighting and light propagation, circulation in the spaces... In order to design and the sub-trade, the interior architect can involve other professionals depending on the size of the project.
When designing, he identifies the target in line with the customer’s expectations. Thanks to his professional expertise, he is able to make proposals to the customer on a medium that allows him to easily visualize the final project such as a digital simulations, for example.

Once the proposal is validated, it searches and selects the suppliers whose material is best suited to the project (floor or wall coverings, decoration accessories...). Good communication is essential to achieve a final result that perfectly satisfies the client and does not exceed his budget.

The interior designer oversees all teams and ensures that the project is completed on time and on budget. He implements the installation in accordance with the decorative theme chosen by the customer in order to harmonize the spaces in the fairest possible way.

Advantages of using an interior designer

The interior designer is a true professional of decoration, his suggestions and advice are valuable because they are based on experience and his knowledge of the decorative arts. He goes to the essence of the matter and saves the customer time.

Moreover, he works closely with building sector companies which enables him to know who are the best suppliers and, often, to obtain preferential prices for carrying out the work.



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