Les Manufactures Février joins the French Fab movement

The group Les Manufactures Février, joins the French Fab movement, new name of the french industry

French Fab is a movement that values the industrial know-how and entrepreneurship. This innovative movement, which is a real showcase for industries in France, embodies the best of french manufacturing as an innovative, export-oriented industry that is open to changes brought by new technologies.
Les Manufactures Février gathers 7 french industries which constitute a pool of know-how and expertise at the local, regional and national levels.

Christophe Février, a businessman and President of the group Les Manufactures Février, shares the values of the French Fab movement: « France does not want to see its industries forgotten because they hold an exceptional international image and are recognized worldwide for their quality products. Innovation and export are the two success keys for our industries ».

By joining the French Fab movement, Les Manufactures Février wish to emphasize their ambitions to be part of an upscale and innovative industry approach. The group develops daily solutions to best meet the needs of its customers (architects, designers, retail economists, installers, real estate developers) by imagining new products, different, reliable and attractive.