TEX, a new generation of 100% recycled fiber backing

2021, October
Comfort and environmental protection are the two strong issues that is facing today interior design of the tertiary sector market, regarding the choice of the different decorative items. The trend is to seek well-being but not to the detriment of the planet. The must: a cozy and hushed environment, well-soundproofed, flexible and easy to live, fitted with eco-design products.
TecSOM has taken up the challenge! 
TEX, 100% textile backing
To develop this new generation backing, our R&D laboratory had to meet three objectives: 100% textile, made from 100% recycled materials, showing technical performances similar, or even superior, to the classic vinyl backing tile.

Bet won with TEX, a regenerated polyester fiber felt backing, manufactured according to the historic TecSOM needling technique.

This new backing option is now open for most of our collections: 100% textile loose lay carpet ranges whose complete environmental impacts have been evaluated by LEED and HQE, also guaranteed free of solvent, phthalates or formaldehyde, and A+ certified.

TEX tile is an eco-design product fully in line with our industrial approach to achieving sustainable construction objectives, including reuse and recycling of manufacturing waste. It is a production with low nuisance, raw material packaging and storage are done in the plant, manufacturing falls are reused for acoustic underlay production.

TEX is also the result of our commitment to provide 100% French, healthy and quality textile floorcoverings that meet the highest health standards, in full transparency.

TEX corps

Optimal technical performance
TEX tile shows similar technical advantages to the classic Backing System tile, in particular with regard to resilience (commercial use class 33) and stability (rate < 0.20%).

Comfortable and lightweight, it is easy to install and remove. Direct installation on all types of hard surfaces (stone slab, ceramic tiles, concrete screed, wooden floor, cork or laminate floor) without the need of self-levelling compound.

Acoustic comfort
Ambient noise and impact insulation rate performance is practically equivalent to a backing system tile equipped with an acoustic underlay of recycled fiber.

Thermal comfort
Textile density and natural insulation cause a permanent hot air trapping, which results in a thermal comfort gain similar to that offered by a 2 mm rock wool layer.

Olfactory comfort
No residual odour, as sometimes PVC can generate. Low VOC emission in ambient air. Certification A+. Guaranteed without plastic.

TEX technical datasheet