TecSOM joins the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

2021, April
Inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) opened its doors on 3 April 2021 in Fustat, old Cairo. On this occasion, 22 mummies, including 18 kings and four queens, were moved to the Egyptian museum during a brodcast live procession.

nmec front
6000 years of history
The museum presents a retrospective of Egyptian civilization, from prehistory to the present day, through 50,000 exhibits over an area of some 490,000 m². 

The permanent collection includes one chronological section dedicated to the following periods: archaic, pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic, medieval, Islamic, modern and contemporary; also a thematic section presenting the following topics: the dawn of civilization, the Nile, writing, state and society, material culture, beliefs and thought, to which is added the royal mummies gallery.

Apart from the exhibition galleries, NMEC is also an important conservation centre. It includes an auditorium, some research, restoration and training centres, 14 underground archaeological storage facilities and even has its own publishing house.

A carpet designed to last
In order to break the chill of the imposing marble building and to delimit some cosy spaces, in particular for study and relaxation areas, TecSOM textile flooring has been installed, on 1000 m² total area.

Warm earthy hues textured-pattern of TecSOM LINEAR VISION collection is in perfect harmony with the museum atmosphere and produces a delicious contrast with polished marble's material and brightness.

TecSOM LINEAR VISION is a robust luxury range (U3P3) characterized by a high environmental value as it is mainly composed of recycled material. It is also a product that brings an appreciable comfort with 25 dB acoustic insulation.

Our best wishes for success at NMEC!