Carpet protection treatments to make things easier

2021, February
TecSOM polyamide carpeting is a practical and easy to maintain floor covering. Cleaning process does not require water, just a simple regular deep-vacuuming is enough to maintain the original beauty and softness of the product. However, because we know each workspace project is unique and comes with its own set of requirements, we offer our customers three kinds of protection treatments.

Water-repellent treatment
Recommended for areas in which the risk of liquid fall is significant, such as for example, bars, restaurant rooms or office resting areas. This treatment slows the penetration of a variety of liquids (water, oil or alcohol) into carpet fibers. In fact, a cup of spilled cofee takes about an hour before being totally absorbed, which allows time to sponge it.

This special treatment is automatically applied during manufacturing process on 4120 GALERIE luxury cut pile collection and MICROTEC microtuft ranges.

We also propose a water-repellent treatment based on nano molecules technology, which can be applied on an already laid carpeting.

AMI Conseil
Smudge-proof treatment
Prevent encrustation of dust and dry stains into carpet fibers. Dirt remains on the surface and cleaning is easier.

Anti-microbis treatment
Polymer protective barrier that prevents the development of bacteria and mold. The product we used is colorless and completely harmless to people and has a bacteriostatic, fungicidal and acariostatic effect.

Do not hesitate to speak with your sales advisor if you are considering a special treatment for your order.