Our customers have got talent!

2020, August
At TecSOM, we really enjoy when we discover the photos of the interior layouts that our customers have set up with our products. 

Our carpet tiles obviously have all the aesthetic qualities required to be installed immediately, as they are presently designed. However, many of our clients do not hesitate to add a personal decorative touch by playing on chromatic combinations, by associating products from different collections and even by modifying the initial geometry of the tiles. In short, our clients are artists!

A flexible  and easy-to-cut backing
The unique TecSOM tiles backing, patented Backing System, is a composite material whose formula has been developed to get a strong, plastic and stable product. It is therefore quite simple to cut it up, it does not tear and is highly suitable to all kinds of configurations. The tiles do not move over time, the broadloom effect lasts.

A compact product
TecSOM carpets are made on special tufting machines, inserting yarns in parallel and continuously into a textile support by a mechanical process. The output is then conglutinated with our patented backing by means of a hot melt. Finally the product is cut into 50 x 50 cm tiles. This manufacturing technique ensures a strong cohesion between the components of the tile: secure cutting without damaging or weakening the product, or fraying the fibre.