Loop pile, cut pile, multi-loop pile... What's the difference?

2020, September

Written by Lou Ancelin
Tufted carpet is the product of a mechanical manufacturing technique dating from the first part of the Xxth century which consists in forming loops raws by inserting tufts of yarns in a support. The textile strip obtained is then equipped with a backing and the finished product is finally cut into standard format tiles of 50 x 50 cm.

TecSOM's factory relies on a specialized tufting machines fleet that have produced for years solution dyed polyamide yarn carpeting of high-quality and our teams have a comfortable French experience in this area.

TecSOM catalogue offers complete and diversified ranges of loop pile, cut pile or multi-loop pile collections.

Loop pile 
As an historical basic product, this type of durable and easy-to-maintain textile resolutely provides a great satisfaction to our customers. TecSOM  offers a wide choice of loop pile carpets and each one has its own structural characteristics, such as short loops for TecSOM CAMERA collection, rather long loops for TecSOM CROSS & REVERSE collection and very tight ones for TecSOM NORDIC collection.


Multi-loop pile 
Another TecSOM stylistic feat consists in configuring variable loop heights in order to build in the textile a repeating, or not, three dimensional pattern. TecSOM EVOLUTION range or TecSOM SENSUAL CITY collection, for example are highly valued by our customers for the uniqueness of their patterns which definitely give aesthetic and refined character to interior spaces.

SC 591 1

Cut pile 
This kind of carpet is produced on a specific machine benefiting from a technical process that automatically cuts the loops to the same height as they are formed. A huge weight of yarn is used to reach the ideal density essential to visual and tactile very beauty of the velvet. That's why TecSOM ELEGANCE and TecSOM GALERIE, cut pile collections are labeled luxury products.



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