Latest additions to TecSOM range: illusion or fiction?

2019, November
Each interior layout project begins with an idea. It can be formulated or transmitted but it cannot be seen or touched. For this idea to take shape, it must be materialized. At Tecsom we create the material to shape your ideas.

The latest products of our design team, the modular ILLUSION and FICTION collections, are especially designed for elegant and sophisticated decoration projects applied to the tertiary sector. These two high-end structured looped tuft are woven with 100% polyamide solution dyed yarns, providing them an excellent resistance to discoloration and ease of maintenance. They have all the technical specifications that ideally meet the requirements of professional spaces and are certified LEED and BREEAM.

Tecsom ILLUSION offers a marbled design in relief declined in 15 references playing on shades of grey, some of them embellished with a subtle touch of bright color, yellow, blue and orange.


Tecsom FICTION offers a very original deconstructed composition, also in relief, which transmits dynamism to spaces, proposed in 6 references.

IMG 3030

These collections offers an optimal sound absorption (24dB), and can also be supplied with a recycled fibre acoustic backing on request, which increases their acoustic performance.