La Suite and Co: a workplace where it feels good to live


Written by Lou Ancelin
As the traditional model of uniform working pattern has moved, over the last few years, towards flexibility and mobility, we are seeing an increasing demand for office layouts that allow individual and teams to choose the best setting for a given mood, task or activity. The overall tendency is towards comfortable, convenient, healthy, and visually attractive environments, with both shared and private spaces.

It is all about dealing with individuals differing in their many tastes, cultural viewpoints, habits and attitudes, as much as in their working styles. 
"Living workplaces" offer composite, non-prescriptive and adaptable spaces, thus contributing to the well-being and creativiness of their users.

Living workspace : the new trend
The offices of La Suite and co, a communication agency located in the second district of Paris, 15 rue Turbigo, perfectly reflect the start-up's image
. Reshaped by the young and dynamic Atelier Joi interior design studio, founded in 2020 by architect-designer Julia Ouazan-Hody, this living workplace really makes one dream.

Spread over a 330 sqm surface area, we find a layout of composite spaces which has been designed with great coherence. There are open spaces, meeting rooms, a lounge and a kitchenette bar, as well as more confidential rooms such as private offices.
"We redesigned this workspace in a way to provide user-friendly places, as well as small meeting-rooms for 2 or 3 people. There are also private spaces, apart from open-spaces, when you have to make a call without disturbing your colleagues or simply when you need quietness to concentrate on your own work", explains Julia Ouazan-Houdy.
Wood and textile: a warm combination
The sobriety of the walls - mostly white with some colored wall sections - emphasizes the play of lights, helping create an atmosphere of calm and serenity, conducive to creativity. The minimalist furniture, carefully chosen, goes to the point.

For the flooring, which plays here a leading role, designer wisely used wood parquet and TecSOM OMBRE 039 carpeting, to define the different areas.

Mainly installed in the transit areas, the black and white floral pattern of carpeting brings a cozy touch, and introduces an unexpected tonality contrast, which creates an interesting impression of perspective and rhythm. 

A highly technical LC2 multi-loop pile tuft which gathers resilience, walking comfort and elegance, while providing a 26 dB sound insulation.

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