Mohamed Lamey, TecSOM Manager for Middle East

2020, September

Written by Lou Ancelin
Mohamed LAMEY joined TecSOM in January 2018 as a Manager for Middle East Region. He studied Textile Engineering at the Faculty of Applied Arts and graduated in 2001 as a Textile Engineer. He has worked with several carpet manufacturing companies from different countries (UK, USA, Egypt…) and was professionally trained by various organizations (British Council in Egypt, American University in Dubai...)

What is your job?
My position is to generate TecSOM brand in the market by building long-term relationships with business decision makers. Our goal is to be at the top of trusted specialised brands list, and I really believe that we will reach it because we are selling a concept: high quality flooring solution with a professional service supply. We have a great team work that provides customers assistance of all sorts, from start to finish. It’s very challenging, and what makes it interesting is the support I keep receiving from my colleagues in France.

What do you like most about your job?
The team spirit, and the excitement I feel when I see the good results. It’s an endless circle of positive energy that restarts every day.

What are the main features of flooring market in the Middle East?
The most important criteria are: design creativity, standard of quality and price. Priority is always given to creative design, innovation, matching color palette and uniqueness. Customers seek to set unique spaces, and it’s a challenge both for interior designers and manufacturers who need to keep a creative-mind  to meet market requirements. But a magnificent design is nothing without a high quality product and quality means product quality and service quality. Our collections meet the most exacting standards in terms of quality, that’s why we are very confident to provide a ten-year-guarantee on our carpet. The right price is an important criterion too and our price list is strictly calculated. In the Middle East market, we face a strong competition, but high-quality carpeting manufacturers are always better placed, because everyone knows that cheap average quality products turn out to be costly over time.

What does “Designed in France” mean in the Middle East?
From the beginning of 20th Century, Middle East region has been affected by several standards coming from different places and one of them was Europe because of Luxury products. Made in France used to mean fashion and resistant quality product.

Do you have a particular story to tell about one of your achievements?
Maybe the start-up of Expo 2020, Saudi Arabia Pavilion project: I was in Lebanon for business trip and by chance I met there Al-Dar, the architect managing the project who informed me so we quickly put together designs and specifications. I went back to Dubai and the next day, what a surprise to receive an email from the contractor asking me to submit the samples as soon as possible. TecSOM teams were really responsive and able to send all the samples in time. We won! It was one of our fastest projects!

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