FNAC new store in Bourges: as soft as velvet!

2021, August
FNAC new store opened its doors on 28 August in the Carrefour shopping centre located in the heart of the Marais green zone. The store had been previously located Rue Moyenne, in the city centre of Bourges, for more than twenty years.

carrfefour bourges
Elegance in black and white
FNAC new store chose its carpeting among TecSOM luxury ranges, and installed GALERIE collection, reference 149 over an area of 1400 m².

This magnificent and thick superior quality velvet, whose deep black colour creates a pleasing contrast with the white-lacquered book displays, gives a chic touch to the interior space while enhancing the brand's prestige.

FNAC BOURGES galerie 149
Choice for excellence
With nearly 2 kg of yarn per m², GALERIE collection guarantees a real walking comfort, a beautiful visual depth and a 28 dB acoustic correction, all assets allowing, to offer a privileged atmosphere, conducive to a quiet stroll between the shelves, to customers in search of culture and discovery.

Specially designed for this type of intensive commercial use, the resilience of the collection, made from black polyamide solution dyed yarn, is U3P3 certified.

Our best wishes for the success of FNAC new store in Bourges!