FDES and EPD, what is it?

2021, February
At TecSOM, we have been engaged for a number of years in an eco-friendly industrial approach in the various aspects of manufacture and production, from design to product development. A policy that allows us to only offer a set of environmentally certified carpet lines, amongst other accreditations, FDES and EPD audited ones.

FDES, what is it?
FDES is an acronym for 'Fiche de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire', EPD in english (Environmental Product Declaration). It is a European environmental assessment for building products regulated by EN 15804+A1 in relation to product lifecycle (ACV).

FDES are recorded in AFNOR-INIES for France and IBU for Germany. INIES database provides Environmental and Health Declaration Sheets (FDES) for construction products as well as Environmental Profiles of Equipment Products (PEP), service data (energy, water, etc.) and product lifecycle inventories.

ACV, what is it?
It is a contingent assessment of the environmental impacts of a system, a product, a process or a service, at all stages of its lifecycle: raw material extraction, production, distribution, consumption, recycling and disposal.

For what purpose?
First of all, since January 1, 2021, RE 2020 European environmental regulation and E+C- label, are the new standards applicable to new building that make it mandatory to conduct environmental assessments. This regulation focuses on two elements, carbon and energy, and sets the CO2 emission and energy performance thresholds to be met.
FDES is an essential element for building environmental assessment, particularly regarding the calculation of CO2 emission rate.

Another benefit of using FDES or EPD-verified construction products, is that they provide credit for building certification applications (LEED, BREAM, HQE).

On the other hand, ACV meets the requirements of ISO 1400 standard which also applies to all TecSOM ranges.