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Fantastic and Unusual rider !

After starting with motorsport in Abeville in the north of France, Evens Stievenart is an accomplished athlete. This enthusiast cycling went first through the triathlon and then fully invested himself in cycling. In 2011, while he participates in the 24-hour cycle at Le Mans with a team of four riders, he discovers that some do the solo event.

This will be his new challenge.

Installed in California for 4 years, Evens Stievenard enters the trainings and will go between 13,000 and 14,000 kilometers by bike and go out of 8 to 9 hours alone.

For Christophe Février, President of TecSOM: "Meeting challenges is exciting. Sport, and especially the discipline of cycling, requires a lot of will and discipline. I'm admiring sportsmen like Evens who have the ability to prepare for months to get their body and mind ready to face tired and pain. But when we manage to hold to the end, what reward. I believe that this is a good example from which we can draw inspiration to meet certain challenges of everyday life, both in life and in business. "

By sponsoring Evens Stievenard, the aim is to combine pleasure and challenge, but also to show that where the will exists, success is possible.

In 2016, Evens achieved a performance of 853,740 km and is already on the top step of the podium of the Manceau circuit proudly wearing the colors of TecSOM.

In 2017, he literally pulverized the record of the event by traveling 950 km in 24 hours and 07 minutes.

A feat he comments with disconcerting humility "I just want to be the best of myself".

Congrats and Respect !

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