CITY SQUARE, 2020 best seller range

2021, January

TecSOM CAMERA, a basic loop pile tuft, was our 2019 best selling collection with medium grey 038 colour reference. In 2020, the product category goes up a notch as TecSOM CITY SQUARE collection takes the lead of the best sales of the year.


With one of the best sound insulation rates in its class (27 dB), TecSOM CITY SQUARE collection is a luxury loop ile tuft (LC1) whose resilience is U3P3 certified, with a total pile weight of 580 g/m². Perfectly adapted to professional spaces, this premium collection is offered in a wide 28 colours palette. It is a high quality product offering an excellent value for money.

Considering the color reference of the range that goes up on the podium, we definitely go on with shades of gray with TIN GREY 017 that comes in top of sales 2020.


Rather far behind, TecSOM GALERIE velvet range reaches the second position, followed by TecSOM PRIMA loop pile collection which comes third.