CHAMPS LIBRES exhibition

January 1 until July 18, 2020

Written by Lou Ancelin
Enter the forest - Walk - Feel, listen, taste - Observe, take a rest in the glade - Chat - Feel free!

In these poetic words, the MAIF SOCIAL CLUB team issued the invitations to the opening of the CHAMPS LIBRES exhibition which took place on Thursday, January 30 from 18:30, 37 rue de Turenne in Paris, in the heart of the Marais district. The artists whose works is exposed was there, as well as Julie Sicault Maillé and Isabelle Daëron, respectively curator and set designer of the event. The exhibition will be held from 1 February to 18 July 2020, the entrance is free.

Expo champs libre design2

It is a free cultural space that offers multidisciplinary art events related to social innovation: exhibitions, shows, debates, workshops, workspaces, bar… It is also a physical and online shop of committed products. Three times a year, the MAIF Social Club proposes a new theme through a permanent exhibition involving young contemporary artists in original events.

CHAMPS LIBRES exhibition
Everything starts from the assumption that human being is constantly modifying his environment. So, the exhibition offers visitors a sensory journey through an imaginary and futuristic forest extending through various environments, mineral, aquatic, plant, urban, aerial… The walk is free and everyone is invited to take a break where he wants, to experience, to exchange with others. “Thinking is like looking for a glade in a forest,” as Jules Renard used to say.

Expo champs libres design3

14 contemporary artists take us by the hand to make with them this unusual walk. In this way, Janaina Mello Landini questions us about the interconnections of life. Timo Aho et Pekka Niittyvirta make us aware of changes in water levels due to human activity. Barthélémy Antoine Loeff addresses the topic of resource depletion. Vaughn Bell reminds us that nature is our home. Ha Cha Youn creates from plastic bags and Laurent Tixador from waste collected on Breton beaches. Stefan Shankland recycles rubble into urban elements. Lucy + Jorge Orta invent devices to make water drinkable. Olga Kisseleva demonstrates plants learning abilities. Ettore Favini grows the Earth green again by spreading seeds. Suzanne Husky praises the action of female farmers and Matt_tieu sprinkles the exhibition of white chalk drawings of animals.

A TecSOM forest on the ground
Isabelle Daëron,set designer of the event, is graduated from ENSCI - Les Ateliers and ESAD of Reims. She works in collaboration with Pauline Avrillon and Floriane Roué in the Studio Idaë.
Expo champs libres design4

Isabelle designed the exhibit flooring and kindly entrusted the project printing to the TecSOM DESIGN team which has produced for the occasion 260 sqm of customized digital printed velvet 4120 GALERIE with the pattern she had imagined. The installation has been entrusted to PREVOTAT, a company of Bagnolet.

Expo champs libres design5
TecSOM 4120 GALERIE is perfectly suitable to this type of event. The shine of the finished product illuminates the pattern colours which our printing team has faithfully reproduced and highlighted. This luxury textile, U3P3 class, will be able to resist the passage of many visitors without damaging. Its generous velvet  perfectly imitates the muffled sound of footsteps during a walk in a wood. Finally, the high sound absorption level of the product (28 dB) by avoiding the discomfort associated with noise inevitably generated by the crowd, communicates the exhibition a relaxed and serene atmosphere conducive to contemplation.

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