Carpet: various techniques by TecSOM

At TecSOM's fabric, there are two different techniques with carpet. Tufted and needlefelt. Whatever the method, the formats can be in rolls or in tiles. Now, our carpets will no longer have any secrets for you.

Tufted carpet

It consists in stitching tufts of threads in a textile support in the same way as a sewing machine daes. This technique offers the highest yield and allows both the manufacture of cut pile and loop pile carpets, making it the most widely used today.

The tufted technique also produces a perfect symbiosis between aesthetics and resistance. It mainly uses polyamide fibre.

Tufting allows the manufacture of both loop pile and structured velvet carpets. It also a wide selection of patterns to be produced using pre-dyed or post-dyed yarns, and benefits from a very wide variety of colours.

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Needled carpet

Needlefelt carpet is a short and compact carpet.

It is similar to the manufacturing process of felt. It is composed of several layers of superposed fibers that are attached to each other by means of special needles. This technique gives the product a great density and an incomparable resistance, ideal for heavy traffic areas.

You can find it in many colors such as beige, blue, red, anthracite, yellow...

The maintenance of needlefelt carpet is the same as for other types of carpet. For proper maintenance, vacuum regularly. If you want a more thorough cleaning, the following solutions, such as dry powder, stain remover sprays or shampoo also work very well.

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