CAMERA collection, star product of 2019

2020, January
The beginning of the year provides an opportunity to appraise the past year's achievements.  At Tecsom, we are very interested in knowing how successful was our collections on the market in 2019 and what was the most popular product among our customers.

The winner: CAMERA 038 

For this year 2019, the palm thus goes to the CAMERA collection, an elegant loose lay textile characterized by its small tight loops with a weight of polyamide solution died yarn equivalent to 500 g/sqm.

The most popular colour in this collection is a medium grey corresponding to the reference 038.

CAmera 00038 

A collection with numerous benefits

Although part of the entry-level collections, CAMERA has nothing to envy from the big ones! It is specially designed for professional spaces subjected to heavy traffic and is categorized U3P3, 33 class. Its excellent fire behaviour is guaranteed Bfl-s1 and it has received environmental certifications such as HQE, LEED and BREEAM. Its special backing gives the product a remarkable dimensional stability (less than 0.10%).

It is an easy-to-clean product whose sound absorption rate of up to 24 dB is actively involved in creating well-being in professional spaces.