Acoustic underlay TecSOM : efficient and eco-friendly

Septembre 2020
Developed by our Research and Development laboratory, TecSOM acoustic underlay is a clear demonstration of our team skills in the eco-responsible technological innovation field. Tiles are made from recycled fibre and have been designed to increase acoustic absorption rate while maintaining high level performance features 


A tech-product
The felt underlay is produced in our factory and added to the tiles at the end of the manufacturing process. It is anchored on the vinyl backing with a thermofusible glue. This technique maintains at 0.10% the dimensional stability of the product.
Acoustic tiles do not complicate installer’s work or product maintenance.

A marked dB gain
The highly efficient TecSOM acoustic underlay may increase the absorption capacity of some of our products above 30 dB. The following table makes it easy to see the rates, with and without underlay, as well as decibels gain.

acoustic table EN
Use - Recycle - Reuse
If it is true that acoustic comfort has no price, it would be unethical today to enjoy it at the expense of the environment. At TecSOM, we have been engaged in an eco-responsible production process for several years and we sought to design an acoustic underlay that fully satisfies this requirement.
Thus, TecSOM acoustic underlay is made from 100% polyamide needlefelt wastes collected in our factory and recycled by us.

Many application areas
All TecSOM collections are available in acoustic version and are labelled luxury products (LC1 and LC2).

They find an application in multiple sectors: hotels, offices, public places (exhibition room, conference room, airport, cinema, etc.), spaces dedicated to rest (lounge, meditation room, waiting room, nursery, etc.) or confidentiality (legal or medical offices).