2022 interior design trends

2021, September

Written by Lou Ancelin

"We don’t make the trends, we follow them, we analyze them, we observe them, they are fundamental changes of society. The observation is done at all levels, not only in decoration field, but also theater plays, movies and exhibitions; trends are everywhere, they start everywhere.”  Sophie Besnard, artistic director at Sotexpro.

Indeed, trends stem from collective unconscious and at the time of determining the direction of their next projects, all professionals of the interior design industry must have previously understood the march of the world.

For 2022, no real surprises: ecology, nature, sustainable development, recycling and well-being remain at the top of users' aspirations.  Regarding form, the next season will be marked by elegance, light and eco-design.

Open space and translucence
Wide open space still prevails, in hotels and offices, but divided by translucent partitions, sliding and hinged transparent doors. No more hiding, people want to let in the daylight and to have freedom of movement. Building facades open outwards through  glass windows with black aluminium frame, in a post-industrial style.

Black colour takes center stage
Formerly little used for its fragility, sensitivity to light, scratches and finger marks, black colour occupies the front of the stage in 2022, released by the improvement of protective technological performance. It is a matte, intense, deep, sensual, soft and textured black which can be applied to all elements of design, whether furniture, sanitary, flooring or accessories.

Chic and modern, matte black sublimates light by creating contrasting magic atmospheres, to be livened up with coloured furniture or accessories, such as gilded or copper doors handles, or nature-coloured furnishing textiles.

Black blends with everything and gives very different atmospheres depending on the shades or the materials with which it is associated: beige, broken white or gray tones for an elegant and classic style; pastel tones for a clean look; decors of raw materials (waxed concrete, terrazzo or steel) for an authentic interior.

Scandinavian style is back
The 2022 trend is for warm, comfortable and welcoming spaces. People thirst for simplicity and naturalness. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, the Nordic style allows functional and graphic interior design, spaces providing a real feeling of well-being and that give pride of place to wood.

Again, the search for brightness will be a decisive factor in the choice of shades, that are much lighter than previous years ones, pastel tones, and matte gold for accessories.

A longing for nature
Mineral and vegetal worlds are very present in 2022 decoration, through colors but also textures, thanks to new generations of surface materials (agregate, terrazzo, linear).

The trend is organic shades, ochre, earthenware, white, gray and black, but also deep greens and intense blues which recall the natural elements.

Sense of responsibility regarding environmental issues is higher, which brings recycled materials from circular economy in the spotlight as well as artisanal finished products.

Today, new generations no longer want to work in a fixed office. We have all seen ads where young people are working by the pool. They have this spirit of openness, they want to be more involved with nature. These are the societal trends that we are trying to translate into colour.” Olivier Lecour Grandmaison, Corian.


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