2000 sqm TecSOM flooring in Aubervilliers

2020, October
Carpeting remains an essential element when it's a question of designing efficient workspaces in terms of aesthetics, acoustics and resilience.

Our partner Ocellis, a general company specializing in tertiary interior spaces set-up, has selected 2 TecSOM collections for this important office layout project located in Aubervilliers, in the northern suburbs of Paris: TecSOM CROSS & REVERSE for the majority of the surface area and TecSOM GALERIE for decorative inlays of the most beautiful effect.

CROSS & REVERSE, a smart and original choice 
Launched in 2019, this high-end loop pile range has been specially designed for colour combinations. As a matter of fact, each colour reference pairs with a sister product made with the same colour yarns but in different proportions.

With regard to this project, the floor design plays with references 147 and 179 complementarity, two shades of grey, embellished by additional inlays of red velvet (GALERIE ref. 00095).

Duo ocellis

CROSS & REVERSE, comfortable and resilient
This 740 g/m² weight pile product belongs to Luxury Class (LC1) and provides 26 dB acoustic insulation that can be raised to 31 dB with TecSOM recycled fiber acoustic underlay.
Heavy-duty, comercial class 33(4), this carpeting meets the requirements of U3SP3 standard.

TecSOM CROSS & REVERSE benefits from all applicable environmental issues.