The five TecSOM bestsellers

2019, December
Loop pile, cut pile or multi-level loop tuft, Tecsom offers a wide range of quality carpets dedicated to the tertiary professional sector with the objective of providing floor covering solutions adapted to each interior design project.
However, some collections are particularly popular among our customers. Let's take a quick look at the five Tecsom ranges most used by decorators to highlight professional spaces.
An entry-level looped textile that comes in three versions, Uni, Ligné and Gradual, designed to achieve affordable and easy geometric combinations. Our customers prefer this product for their low-budget projects.


Available in 28 very trendy references, this range combines charm and resilience in the decoration of high-traffic workspaces. This collection is our lead loop-pile product. Our customers appreciate its comfort and do not hesitate to mix different colors.

Tecsom 3580 CS

A luxurious high-end velvet, dense and sensual, acclaimed by our customers for its great comfort, ease of maintenance and high technical performance, especially with regard to thermal and acoustic insulation. Ideal base for customized digital printing (minimum order 20 sqm), this product is the most prestigious projects' best friend.


A duo of subtle nuances, a rich texture in relief, this beautiful structured textile is designed to be harmoniously combined with the other two versions of the range, Uni and Ligné. This collection is highly valued by our customers for its robustness, its excellent craftsmanship and its timeless and dynamic design.

Office of Chanel in Paris Linear Spirit

Result of the technical and artistic experimented work carried out by our teams, this collection is one of the three Evolution ranges. A highly decorative structured looped product that offers a linear design in relief that our customers appreciate for its modernity, its strong potential of combinations as well as for the vitality it communicates to the workspaces.

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