TecSOM renovates the Russian airport business lounge

Septembre 2019

Sheremetyevo International Airport is one of three airports serving the Moscow area. Located about thirty kilometers north of the capital, it is the largest airport in Russia.

Identity Card

  • Client : SHEREMETIEVO 
  • Sector: Sheremetyevo airport
  • Place: Moscow (Russia)


  • Project : SHEREMETIEVO Business lounge «The Moscow Lounge»
  • Distributor: Opus Contract
  • Collection : TecSOM design 3630 supreme
  • Surface : 115 m²
  • Date :  september 2019

Why TecSOM ?

The project involved the replacement of the business lounge flooring, a carpet printed in roll that had quickly lost its colors because of the strong passage in this area. The TecSOM digital printing teams have successfully created the design, on a support obviously much more resistant because TecSOM 3630S is a product classified U3sP3.

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