Tecsom partner of KEN OKADA Spring / Summer fashion show December 8 at the hotel W Paris-Opéra

December 8
Ken Okada, the Japanese fashion designer, will present her new Spring Summer 2018 collection during a fashion show at the W Paris-Opéra hotel in a chic and design atmosphere. 

Every woman has a bit of mystery, and it is in this secret garden that Ken Okada draws her inspiration to create a collection mixing a Japanese subtlety and Parisian elegance. 

TecSOM is happy to be a partner of this fashion show where the models will present flowery, natural and vaporous outfits on the TecSOM floors of the E'Clay 00130 range. 

E'CLAY will put caltwak into perspective with its velvet. This collection, made of a mixture of curls and relief patterns, will transform the floor into a decorative element in its own right. 

In partnership with TECSOM, P2 Studio (Karine Paoli and Emmanuel Pierre) and Martine Women's Model Agency. 

Cocktail Fashion Show Hotel W Paris-Opera 

4 Rue Meyerbeer, 75009 Paris 

Friday December 8th from 7pm to 10pm 

Fashion Show at 19:30
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