TecSOM, official sponsor of Evens Stievenart, the champion of the 29th edition of the Andros Trophy!

December 15-16, 2017
In December took place the trophy of Andros, a pyrenean automobile meeting conjugating conviviality, competition and show

An exploit furthermore for the multi-card TecSOM champion who explains his success with words full of humility: « I just want to give my best ».

By sponsoring Evens Stievenart, we aim to combine pleasure and challenge but also to show that where the will exists, the success is not far.

As in sport, the development of an industrial activity is above all a work of substance. Since the acquisition of TecSOM in 2014, it is a whole team, which is now part Evens Stievenart, which works tirelessly, translating a common desire to promote the french industrial know-how, through through more than 60 countries.

Christophe Février, President of TecSOM congratulates the champion and explains his commitment to him: « Aim to be the best, in relation to oneself and not to others, is undoubtedly a powerful bloodlife to surpass oneself and realize one's dreams, in sport as in business. May Evens exemple, with his purposeful, sincere and ambitious mind, continue to animate us, shaking up all the established codes to create the conditions that give everyone the concrete power to act and to realize oneself ».

A valiant collaboration pregnant with meaning and beautiful energies which motivate TecSOM teams every day.

Congrats champion!