An entrepreneurial ambition of today serving tomorrow.

Under the leadership of our president Christophe Février, entrepreneur and true ambassador of French industrial excellence, we create LES MANUFACTURES FEVRIER group to combine crafts and industry around unique and complementary know-how.

Our goal is to identify, with all of our stakeholders: craftsmen, workers, suppliers, customers and partners, the growth levers that will enable us to be part of sustainable action, in the way we do business, at the commercial, societal and environmental levels.

For many years, convinced that the business vision can only intrinsically be linked to a global approach of the world, Christophe Février shares his activities around two complementary poles: energy saving services and products with the GEO France group and the industry with LES MANUFACTURES FEVRIER.

Its objective: to aim for sustainable growth based on a high level of French quality promoted through the various international markets and keep the production tools and know-how in France.

Discover our different industrial know-how on : www.lesmanufacturesfevrier.com

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