TecSom designs the Norilsk Hotel in Russia

The Russian NORISLK HOTEL chose TecSOM as a partner for the renovation of its rooms.

TecSOM tiles LINEAR SPIRIT Line 045, have been installed in various hotel rooms, covering an area of 1200 sqm with the purpose of making them warmer and cosier.

« Carpet and floor coverings absorb sound waves better for improved customer satisfaction. Heat retention is 10 to 12 % higher than with traditional covering and those ideally suited to this specific hotel project, located in the Arctic Circle where temperatures can drop as low as -50°C. ».

This renovation project took 3 weeks, in collaboration with STROY KOMPLEKT our Russian distributor.

The benefits of LINEAR SPIRIT

This structured loop-pile product brings a visual 3D effect and can be easily combined with any other of the range. Its fire resistance rating, class 33,  reflects its technical complexity and brings value to each rooms, creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

Overall, 1200 sqm of TecSOM tiles have found a home in the heart of Russia.