At TecSOM we recycle carpets!

Carpet has entered a virtuous circle of manufacturing and recycling. From design to end-of-life, certain products can be 100% ecologically certified.

For example, some of our collections are manufactured with recycled and recyclable ECONYL® yarns. Are fibers are made from specific nylon fiber waste and can be an integral part of a closed cycle, through which used carpet fibers can be reconverted into new yarns.

ECONYL® yarns are manufactured by Aquafil, an italian company specialized in used nylon products collect, such as fishing nets or used carpets.

Waste recycling

TecSOM Green System, Linear Vision and Premium collections are woven with 100% recycled ECONYL yarns fitted on a 100% recycled vinyl "Backing System". That gives these products a high rate of natural and recycled materials, as much as 78.5% for TecSOM Green System collection.

During each step of  production, leftovers are:

  • Directly recycled back into the manufacturing process
  • Recovered externally

Materials recycling during backing laminating

Underlayer vinyl scraps and purged adhesives are collected and transformed into vinyl backing. This recycled material is used for our tile backing.

Manufacturing process of needlefelt carpets

The edges are directly reinjected into the material supply silos. The non-coated carpet waste is frayed and reused in the product backing. We take our procurement policy of raw materials seriously. All of our suppliers are chosen with care. Above all, we invest in the quality of our products while respecting the environment.

By using recycled and recyclable materials, TECSOM carpet tiles and broadloom participate globally in obtaining certifications such like HQE (High Environmental Quality), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM.

Our ECONYL® yarns made collections are designed for environmentally friendly projects. Without compromising on design and quality, these collections are manufactured with respect for the planet.