Focus on the fabulous destiny of needlefelt

On the occasion of the 2019 BAU show dedicated to architecture and building materials which will take place in January from 14 to 19 in Munich, TecSOM will reveal in preview its quite last innovation concerning TecSOM's historic product: needle felt.

The SOMMER family, pioneers of needle punched carpet

The story begins in 1881 when Alfred Sommer, the grandfather based a felt manufacture in Mouzon.

In 1959, François Sommer, the granson, developed a brand new flooring collection on the grounds of needle felt technique used for felt fabrication. This product, called TapiSOM, quickly enjoyed an important growth on commercial sector segments (retail, transport industry, hotels-catering, offices) and public administration's areas (education, social, culture).

Initially available only in plain tones, TapiSOM will be decorated later with rotary screen printing motives, giving birth to TapiSOM Design collections.

Needle felt, what is this?

It is a textile obtained by stacking several coats of fiber which are mixed and compacted by the mean of a device equipped with special needles made in Sedan. This technique allows to produce a flat  dense and resistant carpet.

Super strong, this fiber polyamide flooring is particularly adapted to heavy traffic areas and is available in 2 m wide rolls, UPEC certified and classified 33, easy to install and to maintain.

Motives impression daesn't deprive the product of its resistance, all the printed ranges keep classified 33. The factory counts today more than 250 different cylinders in stock. The patterns colors can also be customized.These specific developments can be envisaged from 1000 sqm of order.


TecSOM, SOMMER techniques today

In 2018, TecSOM launched 4 printed needle felt collections, Jungle, Kashmyr, Street Art and Croco, all highly successful: TecSOM collection

The fabric produces today different needle felt ranges in 2 m rolls, in 50 x 50 cm tiles, in 1 x 2 m tiles, available in a wide of solid or designed colours.

streetart multi

From needle punched carpet to... mouse pad

Thanks to an original size, needle felt can also become a decorative element in your office, at home or on any workplace. This essential mouse supply benefits from our collections original designs and is characterized by the same wear resistance performance and ease of cleaning as all the TecSOM's needle punched carpets. An original idea for your company year-end gifts or to welcome collaborators.

Do not hesitate to contact your account manager to know our offers and don't hesitate to come and visit us during the BAU - Hall A6, stand(pit) 124 and discover our quite last innovation around needle felt.

Big brands are trusting us

Darty, But, Monsieur Meuble, Intersport, Cité du Cinéma, Bâle, Mulhouse, Athènes airports…

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