September 5-30, 2017

An artist contemporary and... borderline

His art impresses and challenges tradition.

For Pasqua, the taste of the monumental conjugates with what is more vulnerable inside humankind and nature. His painting is felt like a physical shock, perceived as an explosive and incisive vision.

For several years, Pasqua has been spending time in Carrare where he sculpts works weighing several tons, like giant stars radiating telluric force. At the foundry, he creates imposing bronze castings which are then plunged into vats of chrome.

At the Museum of Oceanography in Monaco you can discover the monographic exposition BORDERLINE with monumental art works, for the most part custom-built. By coming into contact with these legendary collections you will experiment an unparalleled creative dialogue.

Twelve giant works, including seven recent creations, fill the entire building - from the square to the panoramic terrace, passing by the cliff of the Rock below the centennial building.

In the words of Robert Calcagno, general director of the oceanographical institute: « With this exposition, Pasqua highlights the ambiguous relationship between man and the marine world, between fear and fascination, and confronts the public with the current challenges of protecting biodiversity ».

An exposition supported by TecSOM that you can discover until the 30th of September.