Customized printing by TecSOM

Every year, the Colour Pantone Institute defines the trendy colour. In 2019, pride of place goes to Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral. The coral colour brings a warm and cosy atmosphere. Its name, in tribute to the marine animal, is also part of the orange chromatic field.The coral, synonymous with optimism and exchange, aims to arouse a sense of joy and happiness. This multi-season color also gives peps to neutral colours. A few years ago, the coral had already known a great success and is now back in a softer, warmer shade.

Don't follow fashion any more and create your own style 

With the launch of custom printed flooring TecSOM pays particular attention to colours selection and chromatic intensity. TecSOM Design teams control meticulously the graphic definition, the patterns seam and the shades fine tuning.

Architects, designers, decorators, can by now create their own customized carpet tiles. 

This last investment realized en june 2018, provides the opportunity to print personal patterns without repetition limit.

Colaris printing, what is it? 

Unlike other printing processes widespread in the marketplace, we print the tiles one at a time when they just have been cut. This method ensures perfect seams between tiles even for the most complex patterns.

When the pattern is controlled, the chosen colours are configured and printed on the textile base, loop pile or cut pile. Colours are chosen on the basis of an existing textile, a Pantone or a Ral référence.

The tiles are sent through a spraying device fixing natural dyes at the very heart of the fiber. This crucial step ensure the high traffic resistance of those special collection.

Then the tiles are dried in a high temperature furnace which enhances the color and aspect of the yarns. This last step is only possible thanks to our PVC Backing System which is robust enough to withstand high temperatures.  

Customized printing is an innovative option which allows to realize easily interior design projects completely in line with the spirit of the professional areas to decorate.

Forget fashion trends… let's customize!

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