Made up of more than 95% recycled vinyl and chalk, the TecSOM backing life cycle analysis has been carried out by BREEAM. Its impact is only 2.6 of that of a vinyl backing made from non-recycled raw materials.
A popular solution for many customers - construction companies, economists, specifiers and distributors - which allows a sustainable development approach that is both environmentally friendly and adapted to professional expectations.

Moreover, unlike other plastic polymers, vinyl is 100% recyclable. It is one of rare materials that can be recycled almost infinitely, whether in new products or in processed materials, useful to different trades.

Ecological and economical benefits

Thanks to the "Backing System", the TecSOM tile can be installed loose lay or with tackifier. Even after many years of use, it does not damage the screed and greatly limits the amount of waste at the end of its product life. This advantage therefore not only constitutes a significant time saver during installation and removal; but also saves on potential purchases of materials for screeding processes, which in the case of TecSOM tiles are not necessary.

In addition, the possibility of enhancing the use of TecSOM tiles through the product collection program at the end of their life cycle with OPTIMUM.

TecSOM, triple certification of the factory

Regularly controlled by its Quality, Safety and Environment departments, the TecSOM factory has been committed for several decades to guarantee manufacturing processes and working environment conforming to ISO 14001 (certified in 2000), ISO 9001 (certified in 1995) and OHSAS 18001 (certified in 2004). TecSOM is the only French factory to hold these three certifications.

On the other hand, many of its products are involved in obtaining HQE (High Environmental Quality) labels, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).