Lionel Scharly is a French architect, a designer and a graphic artist born in 1974. He was known by working at first on products derived of Astérix world, then for major customers as Dior, Coca-Cola, L'Oréal, before setting his own studio. He is interested in spaces arrangement and furniture design. Since 2007, he and his Design and Research and Development teams work on innovative projects in the sector of plastic. Owner of the Master's degree "Computational Design and Digital Structures" from the National Fine Arts Academy of Paris and the Pantheon Sorbonne University, he developed and patented original technologies in the ecological plastic materials field, for example plastic releasing few C02. His creations are recyclable, and his developments worried about sobriety and energy efficiency. He and his teams also work on the integration of nanotechnologies in the plastic. "The invention of new materials is the future", he says, "I work for tomorrow".


Fire rating
Acoustic absorption
Impact noise reduction
Comfort class 4
Carpet tile
Suitable for heated floors
Castor chair normal use
European class 23/32
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